Friday, 20 March 2015

Cireson Management Pack for Operations Manager 2012 R2 Update

SCOM Management Pack for Cireson Self Service/Analyst Portal Release 2

If you use Cireson's Self Service/Analyst Portal, you'll probably
already know that keeping the CacheBuilder service happy is
integral to keeping everything ticking.

The CacheBuilder service is pretty good for reporting its health. The
CacheBuilder service will write into the event log and there is also a
log in the Cireson Portal bin directory. 
But what happens if you fail to notice an error...

Details on the 1st release of this management pack can be
found on Rafael Delgado's BLOG.

New Features in this release:
  • Cireson Portal Server Properties View
    • DB Server
    • DB Name
    • Debug Level
    • CacheBuilder User
  • Cireson Support Portal Web View
  • Task Status View
  • Tasks
    • Change the logging level, DEBUG or ERROR
    • Restart the CacheBuilder Service
    • Restart the WWW Service
    • Re-Sync the CacheBuilder
      • Requires you to run the task with a user of sufficient rights

The servers with the Cireson Portal installed will need to have IIS 6 WMI
compatibility tools installed.


Download from the Technet Gallery here


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