Friday, 5 February 2016

Exchange Database - Low Space Warnings

After implementing Exchange monitoring in Operations Manager you may notice alerts for low volume space that you may not expect.  This is caused by the Exchange Health monitor being set too high for your environment.

Alerts will look like this, however when you look at the alert you will find more than enough space!

[DataProtection Alert] (SERVERNAME) Database 'EXCH-DB14' is low on log volume space.

Below will set the global permanent override to reduce the threshold to 10Gb, changing the version to match my Exchange Version.

Add-GlobalMonitoringOverride -Item Monitor –Identity MailboxSpace\StorageLogicalDriveSpaceMonitor -PropertyName MonitoringThreshold -PropertyValue 10 -ApplyVersion 15.0.1104.5

After the override is added you will need to restart the Exchange Health Service.

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